Surface preparation and coating application

Surface preparation and coating application

ACG has extensive experience in the Surface Preparation and Coating Industry globally. ACG offer a tailored coatings solution that achieves the required performance standard in any environment. We deliver a safe job every time.

Main services

• Technical support and advice
• Site surveys
• Providing NACE & ICORR accredited inspectors
• Fabric maintenance campaigns
• Risk-based coatings strategies and management In-house training and competency assessment

Typical coating applications

• General Fabric Maintenance to Structural and Process applications
• Internal vessel and tank linings
• General External corrosion protection
• Helidecks and non-skid walkways
• Fusion bonded epoxy
• Thermal sprayed aluminium
• Pipe and valve internal lining replacement
• Composite wraps and linings
• Specialist coating systems
• Corrosion under insulation remediation
• Concrete coating / linings and waterproofing solutions


As ACG are recognised forerunners in the surface preparation and coating industry the safety of our people is paramount, to further support ACGs strive for HSE excellence. ACG has recently partnered with SAFEWELL SOLUTIONS, the Industry Leader in the provision of Total Breathing Air Management and invested into the award-winning and cutting edge AGL10 Safe Breathing Air System. Which will be used by all of our operatives worldwide, providing safe breathable air during blasting and painting activities.

The Safewell® Safeair™ ALG10-4 breathing compressed air purification system is used by operatives working in hazardous environments and purifies compressed air used for respiratory protection in accordance with EN12021:2014 and over and above Class D. Compressed Air Purification is essential to assure the immediate safety and long term health of operatives and to ensure compliance with the legal safety requirements (COSHH L5). Our ALG10-4 acts as a safety barrier for the lungs preventing health issues, therefore protecting employees as well as employers. Important; The ALG10-4 removes particles (validated to ISO 12500), control water vapour and bacteria, reduces CO and CO2, No2, SO2 to safe levels.

ACG would be delighted to support you in your breathing air requirements


ACG are relentless in their search for new and innovative coating products that save time, money, is easy to apply, requires minimum surface preparation, fast curing and moisture tolerant. Well below is one coating that ticks all of the boxes;

Since that first application, the system is claim-free from any failures on the coating and on the application, even in highly corrosive environments.The Humidor coatings were developed and composed with a clear vision towards the future. The coatings contain no solvents, no heavy metals, no coaltar, no isocyanates, no VOC’s and no TBT. The product has 100% solids and is perfectly safe for the environment

Benefits Specific to the Industry:

•  One-coat system
•  Surface tolerant: even under minimal surface preparation conditions the coating withstands extreme conditions
•  Safe to work with: flash point > 100°C
•  Resistant to harsh exposure conditions: can be applied in submerged, splash zone and tidal areas and atmospheric zones
•  Maintenance-free
•  Can be applied in relative humidity up to 95%
•  Can be applied easily by spray, brush, roller or caulking variant
•  Norsok M-501, n° 7 approved
•  NDT inspection allowed

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